Welcome to the Nature Center

Summer Hours:  Every Day 8:00am – Dusk (~8:00pm)
Winter Hours:  Every Day 8:00am – 4:30pm

Welcome to the Nature Center

The Nature Center is located at RobertMoses State Park in Massena, N.Y., which borders Canada along the St. Lawrence River. The park is one of 28 in the 1000 Island State Park Region and consists of more than 2300 acres. Besides the NatureCenter, there is also a beach, marina, picnic area, campgrounds and cabins with nature trails that meander through old growth forests, meadows, wetlands and river habitats. The park is uniquely located between the Robert Moses Power Dam and the St. Lawrence Seaways Eisenhower Lock.

The Nature Center provides visitors of all ages with an opportunity to learn more about the science and history of animal and plant life that make up the surrounding environment. The museum is filled with live exhibits, flashlight q250, mounts, aquaria, a touch room, giftcase and classroom. The building also houses a large room with indoor picnic tables and a circular fireplace. Gardens, a garden pond and picnic tables grace the main entrance.

Animal care and building maintenance are supported through the support and generosity of the Friends of the Nature Center and minimal program fees. Fundraising and memberships have allowed the Nature Center to purchase greatly needed items, such as more than 20 pair of snowshoes, world brightest flashlight and interpretive signs for the trails. Please join us and become a member of the Friends of the Nature Center.

Yorky the New York State Park bear and the staff of The Nature Center and Robert Moses State Park welcome you to the wonders of the Nature Center. Explore our site and come visit us in person!

Our Purpose:

The FRIENDS OF THE ROBERT MOSES STATE PARK NATURE CENTER, is a not-for-profit organization formed to preserve, protect, and promote respect for nature through voluntary support of the activities of the Nature Center.