Nature Programs



Environmental Education & YOU

On-site programs:

On-site programs are anywhere from one to 3 hours long. Visits usually consist of a museum tour, guided hike, classroom activity, lunch and nature-related games. If staff is limited, volunteers are scheduled if possible. Otherwise, self-guided tours may be scheduled. There is no charge for on-site programs, except for possible classroom activity fees to cover materials. Scheduled program participants may use picnic tables and color flash lite torch in an outside of the building at no charge.

Off-site programs:

Off-site programs are brought directly to the classroom or special interest group during winter months only. Maximum class size is 25 participants. The fee is $30 per 45minute to an hour program. This fee may change in the future. These fees can be paid in one of 2 ways for public schools.

If your school participates in the St. Lawrence-Lewis county BOCES Exploratory Enrichment 401 CoSer, you will need to sign an invoice which will be sent to BOCES after the program is received. You should check with your school principal to be sure that your school participates in this program. Your school will receive state aid back for the the program fee.

If your school does not participate in this program, you may pay the Nature center directly. Many school’s special interest groups or PTA’s have fundraisers for such expenses.

Also, check to see if your school is included as one of St. Lawrence or LewisCounty’s  21st Century Community Learning Centers. If so, our programs may also be covered through this grant. This includes After School or Summer School Environmental Education Enrichment Programs. The Nature Centerpartners with St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES to make this project a success.


Please schedule as far in advance as possible and have the following information gathered:

  • Scheduled date(s) & time(s) requested
  • Program choice(s)
  • Number of students participating
  • Grade levels
  • Alternate dates & times incase your first choice is unavailable

Please understand that no program is confirmed until you hear so from our staff.

Trails & Winter Recreation

The Hidden Discovery trail system has an upper and lower loop, along with many cross-country ski trails. Each main loop is just over 1.6 miles. A small loop leading to our Outdoor Classroom adds to the adventure. An additional loop to Hawkin’s Point adds up to 5 miles. Both main loops have decorative and educational interpretive signs to guide visitors.

Cross-Country Ski sets are available for rent for only $4 per 2 hours. Snowshoes can be rented for $3 per 2 hours. We have sizes for the whole family! These fees may change in the future. Hot drinks are available near the fireplace also.

Nature Programs


Join the hunters of the night and learn how owls adapt to the night skies, fly with silent wings and care for their young. For an additional fee, an owl pellet activity is also available.


Learn all about our NYS mammal, it’s special survival techniques and family values. Learn how this animal escapes near extinction, how they are wonderful parents & how they comb their fur!


Why are people afraid of bats? They have 5 toes, just like us! They care for their babies, much like us! You’ll be amazed to learn what else we have in common. It’s time to learn the truth about these creatures and dispel the myths that scare people.


This program is all about fun! Students will learn a bit of snowshoe history and then experience the program on their own 2 feet! We bring the snowshoes and the fun! We suggest you choose an alternate program in case Mother Nature does not cooperate. This can also fulfill a physical Education requirement.


Students will discover facts which help them become smart track detectives! Animal facts such as hibernation, migration & adaptation will be explored. Activities may include creating ink track guide books or plaster casts of animal tracks.


Bugs, insects, spiders, moths… the list goes on and on. Help your students learn the difference between an insect and a spider and why these creatures play such an important role in our environment.


Enjoy the beauty of autumn or the freshness of spring by taking a closer look at trees and plants. Learn how to identify common trees, shrubs and plants. Students can make a plant id book or tree rubbings and play a fun game.


Students will fly into the world of birds. They will learn about birds in the North Country & how they survive the changing seasons. Students can also make simple, recycled birdfeeders.


Call or email for all of the information on this program. The weather & volunteer availability decide the success of this program. Visitors are always welcome to rent skis and take a self-guided trek.