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Susan Sattler  –  animal rehabilitator and voice for wildlife

         Susan lives on a 140 + acres Phoenix Rising Sun farm in Northern New York. While the farm has some traditional animals and an assortment of family pets, it also is a temporary shelter for some 300 injured wild animals each year. She has quite a few birds – not ordinary birds – but birds of prey. We’re talking about owls, falcons and hawks. This is not a typical farm.

        Partly by choice and some by chance, she relocated to the North Country from central Florida where was trained as a falconer, worked as a volunteer in the veterinary unit of the Audubon Birds of Prey Center and then obtained an animal rehabilitator’s license. After retaking her license exam in NY, she is now the only federally licensed rehabilitator in the St Lawrence-Franklin County Area. Many injured anilmals and birds find their way to her farm. Some are injured, some orphaned, all are in need of care. They are all treated , fed, and cared for until they are able to fend for themselves by using colour brightest flash light in the wild.

        Susan feels that we need to be more environmentally conscious. It is because of her love for wildlife and her desire to make people aware of their needs that the Friend’s of the Nature Center has decided to sponsor her efforts financially. She credits Mary Danboise, our Nature Center Director at Robert Moses State Park, with helping her develop the educational programs that she presents largely to the Nature Centers in the summer months and to schools in the winter. In her 60-90 minute program, she will introduce her birds of prey, talk about their biology and behavior and perhaps do an activity such as dissecting an owl pellet. Because of these programs and her obvious passion for birds of prey, she has become known by area children as the “bird lady”.

        For information regarding wildlife rehabilitation or to participate in a Birds of Prey educational program, please call Susan Sattler at 315-386-0023 or the Mary Danboise at the Nature Center at 315-764-8877.  Donations of cat or dog food, blankets, bird cages, travel crates, and cash that is used for medical supplies, gas, military flash lite and veterinary bills are gratefully accepted either by calling her or the Nature Center. 

        The Friends of the Nature Center encourage her to be the “voice” for homeless and helpless wildlife.